Semantica Language Services is a full-service language services provider that offers translation services in a wide array of languages. Taking advantage of our strategic location in the Middle East, we offer specific expertise in Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish.
True to the spirit of its name, Semantica believes that translation is an intellectual blend of art and science. The artistic influence is what gives the language its flair and conveys your messages in a culturally sensitive fashion. The scientific aspect is the science of meaning in language.
All translation assignments, no matter how large or small, undergo a rigorous three-step process. First, the project is analyzed and assigned to a translator with expertise in your subject matter and the technical tools required for the job.
Second, after translation, all projects undergo careful content editing to ensure completeness and that nothing “got lost in translation”. Then, the project undergoes linguistic and stylistic review to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of translation.

So whether you require translation of print or electronic materials or even localization, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with a cost-effective solution!
Semantica offers solutions for your DTP and layout needs.
We have the knowledge and skills to handle multilingual DTP projects in virtually any format and language and special expertise in the unique challenges of handling right-to-left languages.
Whether you require specialized desktop publishing software or layout in Word, Semantica can help you with your artwork and typesetting needs. We can also provide you with template design or reproduce the design of the original version when source file is unavailable.

Please contact us to learn more about our multilingual DTP services or request a quote for your project.
Semantica recognizes the value of having an extra experienced eye review your translated text. Aside from being an inherent part of our translation methodology, we also offer stand-alone editing and proofreading services. With the help of our team of linguists, we will carefully review and analyze your documents, comparing them to the original to ensure completeness and accuracy. We can either simply implement the corrections to the text or, when required, write up a complete report assessing the translation and outlining the changes we believe are necessary to bring the document up to standard.

Please contact us to learn more about our editing and proofreading needs.
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